Perform the site survey with ease

Save time by boosting up the site survey process with YouVR's simple interface, wifi free once it's taken.


One connection to your entire team

Connect sales team to engineering and marketing team in all companies of any size. Cover and integrate all business cycle.

Work process innovation

A complete platform covering surveying, mapping, analyzing, and troubleshooting with different forms of data.



Optimized for site survey


Total 3D mapping of your site

Integrated VR tour with 3D model by just simply walking through the site.


Better analysis over real-based 2D floor plan

Get the 2D floor plan of the site out of deep learning of 3D virtual space.


Complete database

Rooted on the real site, visualize all data customized only for your sites.


We’ve solved the problem of internal communication between our sales team and the engineering team. YouVR is the quickest to use and provides a superior database for every site and space.
— NTT facilities

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