Our story

“A 3D tour is worth a thousand more” - YouVR”

We spend 80% of our time indoors but don't have effective tools to capture, document and understand our surroundings. We believe that 3D space cannot be captured in traditional 2D methods. Photos and videos accompanied by text can only describe bits and pieces of a truly 3-dimensional environment. This is why we have taken on a mission to bring to the world a disruptive solution that uses cutting-edge technologies in A.I and machine learning to easily capture and create a digital replica of our surroundings.

We envision a world where all of our interior spaces, whether at work or at home, are replicated digitally- with which we can all become smarter, more effective users of the space we occupy.

This trend in the digitalization of space has already begun and YouVR is at the forefront of the movement.

Are you ready? Come join us.