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Safe Space

The YouVR Logo always needs safe space that is free of imagery and text surrounding it. Use the width of the 'R' to determine the minimum amount of safe space that should surround the Logo.

If text appears below the Logo, you should measure safe space from the bottom of the Logo to the x-height of the text.

Minimum Size

The word 'YouVR' should always be easy to read. So in digital content, the Logo should never appear smaller than 30px in height.

The minimum size for applying the Logo in print is 5 mm in height.

Incorrect Logo Usage

The YouVR Logo is a symbol of our company, so it should never be altered. Here are a few examples of what not to do with our Logo.



  • stretch the Logo or change the proportions in any way
  • use any colors other than those specified in our logo color palette to reproduce the YouVR Logo (see below).
  • choose a different typeface for "YouVR"
  • add visual effects like a drop shadow
  • change or replace the word "YouVR" in any way
  • change the shape of the Logo
  • use the Logo in a phrase or sentence

Using our Logo on solid backgrounds 

These examples show the correct application of our Logo on different solid backgrounds.

The full-color gradient Logo should be used on a background that’s lighter than 20% gray. The full-color gradient logo should never be used on an image background.

The two-color dark Logo should be used on a background that’s darker than 50% gray.

Two-color Logo 

There are two versions of the two-color Logo; light and dark. The Logo must be easy to read when placed on any color or image backgrounds.

Use the two-color light Logo on a light background. Use the two-color dark Logo on a dark background.

Monochrome Logo 

If a background color makes the full-color Logo hard to see, you should use a monochrome Logo instead.

The white (#FFFFFF) monochrome Logo contains no gradient in-fill. It should be used on dark multi-colored images.

The black (#000000) monochrome Logo contains no gradient in-fill. It should be used on light multi-colored images.

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Get Support

Any usage of the YouVR brand elements must follow the above guidelines. If you need help or have questions please contact for support.